About Us

Peter Rasmussen

Hi, I’m Peter from Enviro-Tab (NZ) Ltd.
I have always been fascinated by cars and motorbikes, and am a senior member on this site, have had the thrill of owning many classics. eg a Model A Roadster, 1934 Ford V8, Vincent Comet, Ariel 600 (yes, I can hear the drool hitting your keyboard!)
Following WW2, fuels and parts were hard to find, and so, much experimenting went on.
My mate got his ’56 Humber 80 to do the “ton” (160kmh) while my ’24 Morris Cowley Coupe could reach 130kmh (2-wheel brakes)
We dropped all sorts of ‘stuff’ into our fuel tanks to try for extra speed. Some worked and some didn’t, but as I was the one who was doing a motor mechanic apprenticeship, back then, repairs were cheap! I started when the Traffic Cops changed from ’48 Ford Club Coupes to Mk 1 Zephyrs (yes, I know my age is showing).
Ten years ago, I met a guy who was developing a fuel enhancer from liquid to solid form. Malcolm shared a lot of his knowledge with me and I was able to contribute by conducting field trials and collecting data. Malcolm has since passed away, but the work he began is still going on today. Even now, we are testing a new variation which may benefit petrol fuels.
Today’s Enviro-Tab is a fourth-generation pill and is the product used in all of the scientific trials on this site.

Our mission statement: “Protecting the air we breathe.”

Exhaust emissions reduction is our 100% guarantee and the flow-on benefits of economy, power and internal cleaning are inevitable. The exact rate and percentages will vary depending on the driver’s individual driving style, and each respective vehicle’s condition.
My invitation to you is to try our product, follow our protocols and share your results with us (you may even finish up on our ‘News’ page!). Try it. We know you’ll be amazed.


Enviro-Tab is an amazingly simple way to reduce emissions (See emission tests).  We have targeted the source, which is the fuel that you use to power your car, van, truck, bus, lawn mower, motorcycle, boat … the list is endless.  In fact, any combustion engine will benefit from using Enviro-Tab.

First and foremost, Enviro-Tab combats emissions.  It does this in a variety of ways.  The three most important ways are:

  • it cleans your entire fuel system, from the fuel tank to the injectors/carburettor
  • it breaks down the carbon build-up in your engine.
  • it increases fuel burn rate


Depending on the age of your car and how many kilometres it has travelled, this may take a little longer than expected.  It’s like putting your car through its own detoxification process.  In the immortal words of one of our Kiwi personalities, “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.”

In our fleet, we are running cars ranging in age from 1996 – 2017.  Each of them has responded differently; however, they have all had emissions reductions, with improved performance and economy.

It has been so exciting to measure these benefits in each vehicle, and it is genuinely amazing that the solution could be so simple.  You only need to see a 4% gain in fuel economy to see a return on your investment.  Our fleet has seen everything from a 10% to 23% improvement.   We would love to hear your results.

We are constantly putting Enviro-Tab through new test protocols.  These have been set up and supervised by an independent analytical chemist.  His expertise in the petroleum industry spans more than 24 years.  We will publish his findings in the Scientific section of the website.

Enviro-Tab is priced so everyone can afford it, and you don’t have to add or attach anything to your car to experience the benefits of this amazing product.  All you do is ‘pop a pill’ every time you fill up.  It’s that simple.

Thanks for visiting us.
Best wishes for safe motoring.