Enviro-Tab Transport Pollution Solution

What is Enviro-Tab?

Enviro-Tab is a fuel conditioner not an additive. It is designed to change the molecular structure of the fuel to allow your vehicle to burn the spent gases that normally exit through your exhaust pipe. The spent gases are predominantly heavy fuel particles that don’t normally burn in the combustion cycle.

Why is this important?

The spent gases are your emissions. Normally approx 65% of the fuel you put into your tank is burnt with the remainder 35% exiting through your exhaust pipe (emissions), therefore un-used. Enviro-Tab helps increase the burn to over 90% which means that you use more of the fuel that you have paid for and by default reduce the emissions that exit your exhaust system.

We have included independent scientific research on both diesel and petrol powered vehicles in this information pack for you to peruse.

How does it work?

The Enviro-Tab pill is a catalyst that speeds up the combustion process in your engine. When the fuel is burned in the combustion chamber, not all of the fuel is used and a proportion exits via the exhaust as poisonous emissions. Emissions are unspent fuel that you have paid for and not used.

Fuel used in everyday vehicles consists of molecules of different densities: light, medium and heavy elements. The Enviro-Tab pill works by burning more of the heavier elements in your fuel, increasing power and fuel efficiency.

By providing a more efficient combustion process you will gain:

  • More power
  • Reduce exhaust emission
  • Better fuel efficiency

What does fewer emissions mean for my engine?

Lower emissions mean that the engine is burning fuel more efficiently. This may result in:

  • Better performance 

    Removes carbon build up in the engine

    Better fuel economy

    Cleaner fuel system (injectors, filters etc)

  • Increased engine life

    Smoother running

    Lower service costs

    Extended oil life


Can I use Enviro-Tab on my car?

Enviro-Tab has been extensively tested on petrol and diesel engines so yes, you can use it in your car. It has also been tested on two stroke engines. You can use Enviro-Tab in any combustion engine. This means that your lawnmower, boat, farm equipment and stationary engine can benefit from Enviro-Tab as well.

Enviro-Tab’s most important task is to reduce emissions. If you reduce emissions you will increase your fuel economy. However, each engine is different so the amount of fuel savings is something that will be determined by using Enviro-Tab. We have listed several test protocols in the ‘Scientific’ section of the website so that you can successfully test Enviro-Tab yourself, There only needs to be a 3% to 4% increase in fuel economy to cover the cost of the treatment – anything over and above this means that you are saving money on your fuel.
Enviro-Tab is an enhanced fuel conditioner that changes the molecular structure of the fuel. This means that the integrity of the fuel is maintained without degradation. In the case of diesel, Enviro-Tab creates an environment where the diesel bug cannot live. For both petrol and diesel this is very important especially in cases where the fuel is either stored or in a vehicle/boat that is not used often.
Enviro-Tab has an extensive insurance policy in place to cover any remote chance of this happening. All of the ingredients are currently used in one form or another in the petroleum industry. This means that there is nothing ‘foreign’ or ‘un-tested’ in the product. Enviro-Tab has developed a formula that works exceptionally well, and is continually testing and developing the product further.

What is diesel bug?

Q: Bacteria in diesel is a problem well known to anyone who works with diesel engines – so what is this bug and why does it contaminate diesel?

A: Diesel is an organic fuel, so it provides an ideal environment for microscopic fungi, yeast and bacteria to feed and grow.

The environment provides:

  • Dissolved water for germination
  • Carbon for food
  • Oxygen and Sulphur for respiration
  • Trace elements for growth and propagation

As many as twenty-seven varieties of bacteria are responsible for the majority of problems with diesel engines and their performance. There are a variety of different bacteria which can infect systems and form bio-films on steel surfaces. Accelerated corrosion can also occur wherever the bio-film settles, usually in pits or crevices. Unlike general corrosion, it is an attack on a very specific area.