Enviro-Tab – Protecting the air we breathe

The air we breathe determines the health of our bodies. While New Zealand is a small country at the bottom of the South Pacific and cannot move, the air we all breathe is shared all over the world.

In New Zealand we are proudly known as clean and green.

To do our part in preserving this reputation, we at Enviro-Tab (NZ) have been involved in years of research and development in the automotive industry. The Enviro-Tab fuel pill is a result of all this development.


Enviro-Tab fuel pill is a revolutionary product with multiple benefits for all types of vehicles, petrol and diesel.

Enviro-Tab pill can increase performance, drivability and fuel economy while preventing engine knock, pinging and valve recession.

Enviro-Tab Fuel Pill

Enviro-Tab pill is a catalyst that speeds up the combustion process in your engine.

When the fuel is burned in the combustion chamber, not all of the fuel is used and a proportion goes out the exhaust as poisonous emissions.

This is fuel that you have paid for and not used.

  • Fuel used in everyday vehicles consists of molecules of different densities; light, medium and heavy elements.

    The Enviro-Tab pill works by burning more of the heavier elements of your fuel, increasing power and fuel economy.

    By providing a more efficient combustion process you will get:

    • More power
    • Reduced exhaust emissions
    • Better fuel economy
There are many brands of engine and fuel treatment products available on the market. Most are specifically designed to treat one problem area only.

The Enviro-Tab pill, with its high tech formulation, performs many tasks on its own.

As a consequence the cost of treatment is far less than having to buy four or more separate products.
The Enviro-Tab pill performs each of these treatments to a very high quality standard.

Add 1 Enviro-Tab pill every time you fill your tank for maximum absorption into your fuel.

1 pill treats up to 60 litres of fuel.

Enviro-Tab pills can be used in any vehicle with any engine configuration.

Enviro-Tab pill is fully compatible with Leaded Petrol, Unleaded Petrol, or Diesel fuel.