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Enviro-Tab has not licenced, assigned (sold), or franchised any rights regarding the formula, manufacture, use, sale, importation or distribution of the Enviro-tab product to any third party, company or corporation anywhere in the world.

The only genuine Enviro-Tab product is manufactured from Enviro-tab in New Zealand.

Our understanding is that the people behind ‘Envirotabs’ have been stating that they have bought the formula and distribution rights from Enviro-Tab in New Zealand. For the avoidance of doubt, THIS IS CATEGORICALLY UNTRUE – NO SUCH TRANSACTION HAS TAKEN PLACE.

If you have purchased Envirotabs based on this “sales pitch” then you have not purchased the genuine Enviro-Tab product.

You only have to look at the products on to see the distinct difference in the product. We have an exclusively- developed formula.

To deal with the only genuine Enviro-Tab team and the only genuine Enviro-Tab product then contact us through the website All our contact details are there.

Peter Rasmussen
Founder / Director
Enviro-Tab NZ LTD

YouTube Envirotabs
Press release


It has been brought to our attention that several video clips have recently appeared on the “You Tube” website each purporting to be a supplier of a fuel conditioning product called “ENVIROTABS”.

These video clips have absolutely nothing to do with our company as Enviro-tab does not use You Tube to market or advertise any of its products.

A number of these video clips include copyright text and images stolen from this website presumably to give the impression that “ENVIROTABS” and Envrio-tab are one and the same company or are in some way connected.

They are not.

To our knowledge, a number of people have sent money to the company on You Tube advertising “ENVIROTABS” expecting to receive our Enviro-tab product and unfortunately, they have received nothing in return.

This appears to be a deliberate attempt by persons unknown to discredit our good name. Why this is being done is anyone’s guess but we are actively enforcing our intellectual property rights to ensure that such copyright theft does not occur again and that these adverts are removed from the You Tube website.

Please feel free to contact us on 0800 777 551.


Peter Rasmussen
Founder / Director
Enviro-Tab NZ LTD