1 Pill treats 60-70 litres


  • Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Lifts Octane & Cetane
  • Reduces Emissions
  • Removes Carbon
  • Enhances Power
  • Cleans Engine & Fuel Systems

Emission Benefits

  • Better performance
  • Removal of carbon build up within the engine
  • Better fuel economy
  • Cleaner fuel system (injectors, diesel pumps, filters etc)
  • Increase in engine life
  • Smoother running
  • Lower service cost
  • Extended oil life

Peace of Mind

  • Efficient and reliable engine
  • No worries or concerns about engine warranties by manufacturers.
  • Tested at Marsden Point and the fuel remains within Government specifications.
  • Enviro-Tab guarantees no damage on any engine type.
  • Save a lot of money and valuable down time.


  • As varnish wax, and carbon build ups are removed over time, there will be an increase in emission levels, but these will reduce in time as mentioned build ups are completely removed from the engine.

    Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the emissions will drop to a clean, uncontaminated level of up to 75% – resulting in an efficient engine.

  • With continuous use of Enviro-Tab, it will ensure that the engine remains clean and efficient. Fuel economy, engine performance, and engine life span improvements will be evident.

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